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  Page Layout and Design Services  
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We offer a variety of page layout and design services to meet your business or organization needs. We can create original artwork or adapt the art you provide; write copy or edit your text for maximum appeal to your target audience.

Available services include:

  • Fliers - publicize a special event
  • Brochures - inform people about what you do
  • Booklets - detail your project or organization
  • Newsletters - keep your members up-to-date
  • Advertisements - place in newspapers, the Yellow Pages or other printed media
  • Business cards - introduce you and your work
  • Letterhead - give your correspondence a professional look
  • Banners - announce your presence to the world
  • Logos - provide your business or organization with a unique identity

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Give us a call at 831-429-5028.

Lotus business card
  Delta School booklet
Full Spectrum Media - business card
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