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“Focusing within is not about ignoring the world around us. Rather, it is about looking inward to strengthen our Local.”

As we all know, there are hundreds of good causes out there that we should and do support, participating both as individuals and as members of various groups. For better or for worse, our current leadership has led us to be activists in many of these causes. This has dissipated the union’s energies on too many peripheral issues. To rebuild our strength we need to change our focus and
look inward.

Ian McFadden

Ian McFadden
Transit Planner
Santa Cruz Metro Transit

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams
Board Clerk
Assessment Appeals Board
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

Stephanie Tapia

Stephanie Tapia
Eligibility Worker III,
Human Resources Agency

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The members of our Local are a diverse group with many interests and beliefs. Recently, in discussions on the Executive Board and in our conversations with individual members, we have seen how our activism on certain issues has alienated elements of our membership at a time when we can least
afford it.

It is our perspective that the Local has many unresolved internal issues that need to be addressed if we are to move forward. It is time to look inward and strengthen the foundation of our Local. Many of our members either don’t believe they have a voice, or that it is not being heard. We need to listen, address their concerns and thereby strengthen the whole. Within these pages is our vision how we can accomplish these goals. We hope you will join us.

Ian McFadden, for President
Cheryl Williams, for 1st Vice President
Stephanie Tapia, for 2nd Vice President
Calvin Trimpey, for Treasurer
Carol Zapata, for Chief Steward

For a complete explanation of our purpose,
check out Why We Run.

You can find a resume of our experience
at Who We Are.

A list of those who endorse our team
can be seen on the Endorsements page.

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If you would like to endorse our team
or tell us about the issues that concern you
send us an e-mail at info@415ActionTeam.org.

If you wish to endorse, please include
your name, Chapter and phone number in your e-mail
so we can call and confirm your endorsement.

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