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Ian McFadden
In 1985 I was hired by the Transit District. In 1992 I was elected Vice-Chair of United Transportation Union Local 23, and then in 1997 I was elected Chair, serving until 2000. During those seven years I negotiated three contracts, including the 1999 contract where I was the lead negotiator for the Union. I handled countless grievance and discipline cases, and participated in six arbitrations, two of which I was the Lead Advocate for the Union. During that time I also attended various classes at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies, including "Negotiating Contracts with State and Local Governments" and "Arbitration Preparation & Presentation."

In 2000 I was promoted to my current position as Transit Planner. After waiting the required two years of SEIU membership I was elected President of the Salaried Employees Association unit of the Metro Chapter. Again, I was on the bargaining team that recently concluded bargaining with the District for a new MOU.

I’m married and have three beautiful children.

1992 - Elected Vice-Chair UTU Local 23
1997 - Elected Chair UTU Local 23
2000 - Promoted to SEIU Represented Position
2003 to Present - Elected President of SEA Unit of
      METRO Chapter and to SEIU Executive Board

Cheryl Williams
I have been working for the County of Santa Cruz for almost twenty years. Presently, I'm employed by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. I have been involved in union activism since I started with the County in 1986, particularly during contract negotiations.

I was first employed by the judicial branch of County government. During my time there the court system of Santa Cruz County went through many transformations. While the courts were still a part of the county government, before they became a part of the state government, I was a member of the team that negotiated the Courts' new personnel policies.

During my work for the Superior Court of Santa Cruz County I was a steward from 1999 until 2001 when I was hired by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

Stephanie Tapia
Local Steward of the Year 2004
Unionist of the Year 2004
County Chapter Board member
Executive Board member
Delegate to Monterey Bay CLC
12 years active SEIU member

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Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams
An active SEIU member for almost 20 years


Stephanie Tapia

Stephanie Tapia
Local Steward of the Year 2004


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