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Health Care
Recently when the METRO Chapter was in bargaining, METRO management put the negotiated contractual Health Care provisions for the County, Cities of Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and Watsonville up on the METRO website. They demonstrated how different the Health Care Provisions for the METRO Chapter's MOU was as compared with other local contracts, despite the fact that we are all represented by the same entity.

We propose to create a Health Care Task Force to develop a common approach to health care bargaining across all Chapters. It is our belief that health care is the 21st Century equivalent of the 8 hour workday with respect to labor rights. Just as our brothers and sisters in the labor movement fought for the 8 hour workday 100 years ago, we must strive to standardize health care provisions in the workplace today. As such, we must also make the case to the non-unionized workers that affordable health care, both as an active employee and as a retiree, is a reasonable and necessary benefit for our labor.

Addressing Disaffected Members Concerns
In the past few years our Local has been very active in many causes. While most of those causes are worthy,our positions on some of them have served to alienate members who don't agree. We propose to strengthen our membership by pulling back from those causes that don't have a direct affect on our members as a whole. However, we must also continue our support for our political friends who support us in their duties as elected officials. We must acknowledge that some union members have differing political views and the case must be made why a particular candidate is being supported. How we can do this is covered in the following section.

Establish Better Communication Techniques
To Reach ALL Our Members

At two recent Exectutive Board Meetings rank and file members came to protest the special assessment, some rather vehemently. After seeing the debate that ensued on the Executive Board, many stated that they understood more clearly the necessity of the special assessment. We know that most of our members do not have the ability to go to Executive Board Meetings so they can understand what the Board is doing on their behalf. We must find ways to give our membership the ability to access information in an interactive way so that the decisions and goals of the Executive Board and staff are clear.

In Santa Cruz County we have an amazing resource in Community Television. For under $100 any citizen can be trained in most aspects of television production including Studio and Field Camera, sound, lighting, direction and production. With a crew of five or less the business of Local 415 can be transmitted to every member's household. It is time that SEIU join the ranks of organizations whose business is televised to anyone interested enough to watch. And as we know from the debate over Proposition 75, many non-union people are under the impression that unions are run by "union bosses". This would be an opportunity to show that unions are some of the most democratic institutions in our society.

Find A Permanent Mid-County Home
For SEIU 415

The Executive Board made a decision that it would be far better to own a place for our Local rather than continue to rent two separate sites. However, we have not been able to move forward on this idea. Neither of the two sites we currently rent is has adequate parking and both buildings are rather old. Neither of these facts encourage our members to watch or participate in the business of the Local. One of our primary goals if elected is to get our Local a home that is inviting and utilitarian.

So this is our vision of SEIU Local 415 for the next two years. We hope you will join us. Please feel free to email us and tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from you!

In Solidarity,

Ian, Cheryl and Stephanie

Who We Are


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SEIU Rally

Ian at a County SEIU rally, Nov. 2005


Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams
An active SEIU member for almost 20 years


Stephanie Tapia

Stephanie Tapia
Local Steward of the Year 2004

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