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Libraries are in the news: plans for a new Library in Felton, opening of new libraries in Live Oak and Watsonville, efforts to ensure longterm stable funding. All over the county local residents are showing that they want to maintain and strengthen library services in their communities.

Click on the links below to see what's being said about libraries and Measure R.

Permanent Funding Stream for Libraries to be Decided in June
The Mid County Post, 5/12/08
"The fate of Santa Cruz County's public libraries will be known on June 3 when voters decide whether or not they want to permanently share a quarter-cent in sales tax to subsidize the operation of a dozen branch libraries beyond 2013."

How Will Measure R Help Build the Felton Library?
The Valley Post, 5/6/08
"Backers of Measure R say that renewing the tax is essential to Felton having a new library, or for that matter keeping open branches anywhere in Santa Cruz ...."

SLV Forum to Offer Election Preview
Scotts Valley Press Banner, 5/2/08
"An election forum in Felton on Wednesday, May 7, will provide an advance public look at local candidates and a library tax measure appearing on the June 3 primary election ballot."

As We See It: Vote yes on Measure R Library Tax
Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/25/08
"The Santa Cruz County libraries are healthy and growing in terms of usefulness and community services. Voters can and should keep the library systems in Santa Cruz County strong by approving Measure R on the June 3 ballot."

Keep Our Libraries Strong
Good Times, 4/24/08.
"Santa Cruz County residents love and use their libraries. Thanks to the hard work of library advocates and the past support of local voters, today we enjoy a superb network of library services throughout Santa Cruz County."

Grants Could Help Fund Felton Library
Press Banner, 4/17/08.
"Felton Library Friends has targeted about two-dozen sources of private funding that could help build and equip a new library when the countywide library system finds money for basic construction."

New Watsonville Main Library a Hit
Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/16/08
"It's wonderful. I am so thrilled," (Lori) Wood said. "This is the library for the rest of my life." Her reaction was hardly unique as patrons took their first jaw-dropping look at the $9 million, two-story city library.

As We See It: Watsonville's Fabulous New Library
Santa Cruz Sentinel, 04/15/08
"Watsonville's $9 million library opened Monday and was an immediate hit...It sets the standard for public libraries not just in Santa Cruz County but anywhere."

Membership Grows at New Live Oak Library
Santa Cruz Sentinel news story 4/13/2008
"Linda Carman ... says she is impressed with the size, up-to-date equipment and overall look of the recently expanded Live Oak branch at 2380 Portola Drive."

Hundreds Turn Out for Book Brigade at Watsonville Library Santa Cruz Sentinel news story 3/23/2008
""It takes 7 minutes, 19 seconds for a picture book to be passed hand-to-hand along a human chain from the old city library at 310 Union St. to the new one at 375 Main St"

Supporting our Public Library System
Opinion by Supervisor Jan Beautz, Mid-County Post, 3/18/08.
"How we provide free and broad-based information to our citizens is indeed one gauge of our society as a whole."

New Chapter Opens for Felton Library
Valley Post news story 3/11/08
"For more than two decades now, San Lorenzo Valley residents have been patiently waiting for a more accessible and functional library in Felton..."

Library Board Decides Felton Branch Should Go on Verutti Property Santa Cruz Sentinel news story 1/15/2008
"The board decision, though an incremental action in the long process, was a positive first step, said Felton resident Nancy Gerdt, a member of the county library oversight board."

Permanent Library Tax Seems Sensible
Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorial, "As We See It" 12/16/07
"The current tax has kept the library solvent over the decade and kept branches open and staffers helping the public... Passing a permanent tax would allow the library to plan future expenditures."

Library's Fate is up to Voters
Santa Cruz Sentinel news story 12/09/2007
"Voters across the county will shape the future of the public library system when asked in June to approve a permanent extension of a temporary sales tax that raises about $8.3 million per year."

Library Seeks Sales Tax Extension in 2008
Santa Cruz Sentinel news story 10/16/2007
"The City-County Library Joint Powers Authority board wants to secure the tax funding in 2008 to ensure library services and new capital projects are sustained for the long term."