title: loved

  I loved,
but it was not enough
to change the differences,
the things that
are not right with you and me.
It is wonderful,
it is joy,
but love
cannot bend reality.
And so, with joy,
a like measure of sorrow
love creates.
When I was young
and had not loved,
I believed that love
was all that I required
to change my life
and fill my life
with every satisfaction.

I could not understand
how any man
could give it up
for any other passion.
But now I know,
for so it’s been with me.
I have loved,
not once,
but many times.
And so I’ve come to see
that each life on earth
has its own unique proportions.
And though we love,
we cannot mould another to our own.

image looking down a streem between two steep banks
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