title: coming to wonder it

  It’s a delicate, sometimes
uncomfortable situation when
a relationship with a friend
of the opposite gender
progresses from companionship
to something else.

That something else is what
the apprehension is about.

Once you know you get along together,
that you share many interests,
opinions, pleasures;

When you have developed
a measure of mutual respect;

It’s still a long way to
trusting one another,
really sharing the things
which are important in your lives.

You’re not so sure
you want to trust.

Because to trust
is to depend upon the other,
to give your sensitive and
vulnerable ego into their hands.

If you’ve been hurt
because of loving,
you don’t take such a step

If you let yourself care,
will your friend care for
you as well?
If you trust them,
will they trust too?

And if you dare to love again,
will you receive the same from them
in similar proportion?

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